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Painless and modern dental implantation

Implantation is considered the most modern method of restoration of missing teeth. Under local anesthesia, the gums are dissected and the implant is placed in the bone tissue. The implant is made of medical titanium, which is one of the best and most well-researched materials and has a unique property of grafting to the bone.

Tooth extraction involves changes in bone tissue. The nature of these changes is extremely negative. Before the implant installation procedure is prescribed, diagnostics will be carried out, and the general condition of the jaws and bite will be determined. Implantation is carried out in case of single defects and complete loss of teeth. This operation proposes the installation of an artificial root, on which the crown is fixed. It is especially effective to perform it with a minimum interval after tooth extraction. This will provide an opportunity to quickly restore the aesthetic and chewing function. Currently, implantation is considered the norm in terms of solving the problem of restoring a comfortable lifestyle and smile.

At Dr. Alyoshin’s dentistry, one-moment implantation with immediate loading is performed.


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