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dentist, orthopedic surgeon of the highest category, more than 20 years of experience

In 2000, he graduated from the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy in the city of Poltava and immediately started his practice in private dentistry.

Today, Oleksiy Alyoshin is the chief physician and owner of the author’s clinic. He devotes most of his time to work and study because dentistry is a profession that never gets old, it is rapidly developing and you need to be as competitive as possible in it.

What makes my day successful ?

quality and warranty

only a planned approach to treatment

During the consultation, Dr. Alyoshin will answer your questions. Will offer you the optimal treatment plan. We value and respect our patients, so we do everything to build relationships based on mutual understanding and absolute trust.

At the dentistry of Dr. Alyoshin, you will be offered prevention, treatment of teeth under a microscope, prosthetics, installation of implants, braces, and whitening with the beyond system, we change your smile thanks to veneers. We are responsible for the quality and provide guarantees for the services performed.

Equally important is the fact that we always inform our patients in advance about the cost of future procedures, and the schedule of their implementation, after obtaining your consent, we remind them about future visits.


Sterility first of all

At Dr. Alyoshin’s Dentistry, all protocols for disinfection and sterilization of instruments are strictly followed. Used instruments, after disinfection, cleaning and sealing in disposable kraft bags, are placed in the Sirona DAC Professional Class B autoclave for sterilization. This autoclave is intended for sterilization of instruments after any dental manipulations, including surgical ones.

Dentsply Sirona class B autoclave guarantees 100% sterility. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the finished tooling, because we’ve already taken care of it.

Caring for your safety and health, Dr. Alyoshin’s clinic is equipped with only the best equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. We guarantee our patients 100% protection against cross-infection during treatment.


Reviews of our patients about the clinic

Help us become better – rate the quality of services! We value feedback, leave your feedback about our services, you will help us make the service even better and of higher quality.


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Dr. Alyoshin’s dentistry is dentistry for those who care about their health and trust only professionals.

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What makes my day successful?



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Help us become better - rate the quality of services!

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