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Orthodontics in dentistry Dr. Aleshin.

Orthodontics – a branch of dentistry that deals with the study of etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment methods of tooth-jaw anomalies. In other words, it corrects and aligns the various pathologies of the dentition, transforming smile.

Methods of prevention and treatment of tooth-jaw anomalies help to solve a number of problems:

  • The gap between the front teeth
  • Teeth grow crooked or tilted
  • Malocclusion
  • Rare teeth (birth located at a great distance from each other)
  • The teeth are not in place in the dentition

At what age is shown in orthodontic treatment?
Most people believe that the correct bite only in childhood and adolescence. However, modern technology make it possible to efficiently carry out orthodontic treatment at any age. Put braces in Poltava can be in our dentistry Dr. Aleshin, signing up for a free consultation. In children, treatment is faster and easier, because with early consulting a doctor is possible to trace and prevent the emergence of malocclusion. In adult patients, orthodontic treatment is also effective, but to consolidate the results often take longer.

An integrated approach
to achieve aesthetic and functional balance orthodontist chooses an integrated approach to treatment. Before the beginning of orthodontic treatment carried out: analysis of the patient’s X-rays and diagnostic models. In some cases, a dentist orthopedist consultation, periodontist or surgeon. Depending on the problem, after the orthodontic treatment may require restoration of the front teeth and gingival margin for plastic that would result in an aesthetically perfect smile.

The duration of orthodontic treatment
in general, the active treatment ranged from 1 year to 2 years. But in some cases, the overall treatment time may differ from the plan.

The actual time spent on treatment will depend on:

  • the patient’s age. Children face the growth and increase of the jaw can is still in an active stage.
  • Cooperation of the patient with the doctor. If patients start to defeat the purpose and requirements of the physician, the treatment period may be longer.
  • The complexity of the problem.
  • Individual characteristics. Some organisms and tissues of patients will respond to treatment.

Many patients believe that orthodontic treatment for malocclusion correction ends at the moment when they get rid of the braces. But there is still a retention period that prevents a return to the original position of the teeth. It lasts longer than the primary treatment.

In order to align the teeth painlessly and return facial muscles to their correct location as well as for the prevention of the senior preschool age are best suited trainers. The main advantages of the trainers – it is easy to use and painless. In addition, unlike other orthodontic appliances, trainer does not have to wear all the time. Wear them at night and only a couple of hours in the afternoon – and you will achieve the maximum effect. Therefore orthodontic trainers will not interfere with your child interact with other children.

Plates for alignment of teeth in Poltava , this apparatus designed for the little ones, especially for those who can not grow out of the nipples. These plates can be a lifeline for children who are too long could not bear to part with a pacifier. You no longer need a pacifier.

Vestibular plate:

  • Weaned child sucking her thumb.
  • With continued use of the plate strengthen the muscles of the mouth.
  • The plates help teach a child breathe through the nose.
  • With jaw plate is developed correctly, and if something goes wrong, they can fix it.
  • Ensure the correct position of the tongue.
  • On the plate are closed lips baby naturally.

They correct open bite and speech defects.

Special design of orthodontic plates allows the shape of the jaw, palate width, widen or narrow dental arch, move or rotate the tooth. In this regard, the shape of hooks and clamps plate is adjusted individually. Braces for children are placed primarily in the age of 6-14 years, treatment is most effective during the growth of the jaws.

This is the optimal age for two reasons:
1. The child is easy to get used to the plates.
2. At this age, children can independently observe hygiene.

When it is needed (during eating, dentifrices), orthodontic plate can easily be removed and then put back. All plates are made in a lab, so the child spends less time in the chair at the doctor. The color and design of the plate child can choose himself, and this process is, of course, like a child.

Bracket system is a non-removable orthodontic device in the form of locking grooves – braces, latched to the outer or inner surface of the teeth, which is set and fixed metal arch. Doug tends to take the form specified by the dentist, so that the teeth move.

Appearance of modern bracket system allows for comfortable treatment for the patient and imperceptibly. In order to start treatment with braces, you must decide what the bracket system you choose. To date, there are plenty of bracket systems, which differ according to different criteria: appearance, the material used for their production, by the method of linking the arc with braces, as well as the cost …

To begin with, that the braces may be located on the outer side of the tooth –  the outer (vestibular)  braces, and on the inside –  the inner (lingual)  braces.

By referring to the material braces are used:  metal  (including  gold ) , plastic, polymer (ceramic and sapphire),  or a  combination  (e.g., a mixture of metal and plastic).

Following the procedure arc binding braces distinguish  classical  braces (using ligatures), and  self-ligating  (bezligaturnye).

Despite the fact that the bracket system of this type are the oldest, they still remain popular and widely used, not only because they are the cheapest. A wide range of different variants of metal braces makes them attractive both for patients and for doctors.

Appearance of modern metal braces different from their founders – they are now smaller and can take various forms. The main advantage of metal braces over other types – is the minimum friction force between the groove and the arc, the magnitude of which depends largely on the duration of the treatment. The main disadvantage of the metal bracket systems is their great visibility on the teeth, in comparison with other species. To produce them are used stainless steel, titanium or an alloy of nickel and titanium. In combination with colored ligatures, metal braces become funny cheerful look.

Made of ceramic. They look very aesthetic: their color coincides with the color of the teeth, which makes them almost invisible to others. The disadvantages of ceramic braces can be attributed to a higher friction between the arc and the groove of the bracket, this can increase the duration of treatment. To solve this problem, some companies are introducing a metal groove into the structure, which, however, impairs aesthetics.