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The safe and effective tooth whitening

White Teeth – beauty-dream of almost everyone. But often in the way of teeth whitening is becoming a popular myth about the increased sensitivity and the damaged enamel. Fortunately, it is a myth – the future of safe whitening has arrived!

Clinic Dr. Aleshin holds teeth whitening procedure using the safest and most advanced technology, namely the  new BEYOND Polus system.  In the world of dentistry today is no better method of teeth whitening than incandescent BEYOND Polus. Innovative technology LightBridge cochetaet a powerful halogen and LED light source to supply an intensive, effective and safe light. Improved light filtering system of more than 150 000 optical filters eliminates dangerous effects of heat and ultraviolet radiation. Safe and effective technology in combination with a unique formula whitening gel  ensures you a white smile in just 30 minutes! bleachholds the dentist in the dental office stationary.

Advantages of BEYOND Polus:

  • An intense, medium and gentle.
  • The result can be seen immediately on completion of the procedure, with proper care is not darken the teeth up to 2 years.
  • whitening procedure takes 30 minutes!

Tooth whitening procedure in clinic Dr Aleshin safe and comfortable. During bleaching the patient is not experiencing discomfort, can listen to music or watch videos. We guarantee that you will enjoy the results!