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Professional installation of veneers

Modern dentistry – it is not only healthy, but also beautiful teeth. Cosmetic dentistry – it is very popular to date the direction of activity of the clinic. Installing veneers – an advanced technique that allows you to make your smile beautiful in a short time.

Veneers – a porcelain plate, replacing the outer layer of the teeth. As a result, the restored tooth is taking shape and strength.

Veneers are made of special materials, according to several parameters, which determine the orthopedic surgeon. The physician will select the best option in each case. Will be adjusted the color and shape the future of the tooth, then veneers are made in the laboratory. No other technology, such as braces, do not give a tangible result of this so quickly. Veneers do not require special uhoda- they also clean the toothbrush. They do not interfere and does not feel on your teeth.

 This correction will be ideal when:
  • chipped tooth
  • It has a wedge-shaped defect
  • there are three or diastema
  • form broken teeth on the nature
  • fluorosis

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