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Safety in dentistry Dr. Aleshin

Gloves, disposable cups, napkins, masks, surgical caps and gowns, sterilization pouches, bags for X-ray sensors and other disposable materials utilized in our clinic.

You can also be sure about the quality of the treated instruments, as we pay more attention to modern methods of sterilization and conducting sanitary measures .

Processing system involves several steps.

  • Tools are immersed in a working disinfecting solution and maintained a certain time, according to instructions. Then rinse with distilled water. Also used ultrasonic cleaning .Protses purification is carried out by the action of ultrasonic waves.
  • After each treatment, we control the quality of cleaning, using various (amidopirinovoy, and ortotoluidinovoy Phenolphthalein) samples; then pac instruments in kraft bags with test indicators allowing long maintain sterility
  • Sealed after sterilization package is a completely impervious to germs, but breathable and adapts to the microclimate of the premises.
  • The final step – sterilization in an autoclave .
  • We also disinfect surfaces in the dental office , including hardware, faucets and door handles. Additionally, each cabinet equipped with bactericidal ultraviolet irradiator , whereby between each reception of the patients carried kvartsevanie.

We care about you and your health, so we have regular production control, both independently and with the help of public health service.

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