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All treatments are best practices with modern equipment

Your teeth need constant care of daily hygiene, professional cleanings every six months – reduce the risk of tooth decay and other diseases. But if you still with your tooth problem, a dental clinic Dr. Aleshin will provide you with a comfortable, modern and high-quality treatment.

Treatment in our dentistry in Poltava held best practices on modern equipment , using the best dental materials. To keep your teeth have always been healthy, we recommend that you visit the dentist every six months.

Professional oral hygiene

Health involves mechanical removal of dental stone sonicated, then cleaning device and air flow at the end of polishing the tooth surface with a special brushes paste.

Safety in our dentistry

For the safety of the treatment of the disinfecting solution used in dentistry Dr. Aleshin. Quality Control purification kraft bags with test indicators, ultrasonic washing, sterilization in an autoclave, and the bactericidal ultraviolet irradiator for cabinets.

Caries treatment

Dental caries treatment is carried out in letterpress materials:
DenSPly, 3M ESPE, GC, Kerr, Tokuyama Dental on dental units firm sirona INTEGO.