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We carry out all kinds of prosthetics

Prosthetics is necessary in cases where existing teeth due to significant degradation is not able to fulfill their function by nature or when their number had decreased to at least one. In the clinic, Dr. Aleshin set the fixed prostheses: inlays, veneers, crowns, bridges.

Tabs prosthetic teeth made in the laboratory on a cast individually and are essentially technical restorations with high strength and accuracy. Made from ceramics and compomers. Used with considerable destruction of the tooth where it is impossible to simulate the quality seal.

When the tooth is destroyed very much made of metal-ceramic crown.In our clinic for prosthetics approaches are radically different from those traditionally used. It does not require depulpirovat tooth, the preparation of a tooth treated in a special method to accurately remove just enough fabric to make a crown. Crown as accurately adjacent to the tooth that the border is absolutely smooth, it has a beneficial effect on the service life of the crown, and healthy gums. In the absence of one or several teeth need to compensate for a lost tooth. To remedy this situation before only used one type of konstruktsii- bridge. Grind two or more adjacent teeth, even if they were healthy and they were fixed crowns. Typically, after a time such teeth stagger port and under the bridge.

Removable partial denture. It used when one or more teeth are lost. The prosthesis is made of plastic fairly easy, inexpensive, and easily converted as needed. It is indispensable in case of a temporary prosthesis. The prosthesis is not suitable as a long-term service, because it is not able to create favorable conditions for the patient and does not meet the terms of efficient operation.

Full removable denture. Such a prosthesis is often the only possibility to make up all the lost teeth and held in the mouth due to the suction effect of anatomical projections jaws. Prosthesis manner is most uncomfortable for the patient, compared to modern methods of prosthesis.

Clasp prosthesis. This prosthesis is designed to use for support the gums and natural teeth. Compared with removable dentures, partial denture in a way to transfer the load of chewing close to physiological. A method for partial denture is fixed by means of a singular Klamer hooks and locks that attach to the metal-ceramic crowns, providing a rigid, almost stationary mount. But the need to remove and clean dentures after each meal, stimulates an increasing number of patients to the dental implant and a more rational prosthetics.

Implant prosthetics. Using the implant prosthetic is able to provide a longer period of operation than conventionally used types of designs. Root form implant allows immediately after tooth extraction to install it into the opening in the bone. If a tooth has been removed for a long time, then this is not a hindrance to the use of this method, which is called “immediate loading”. Implant can be installed as a single structure, and dentures. Unlike many other clinics, we use only high quality materials and the latest technology. We offer dental prosthetics, which cost as much as possible match the quality. Dental implants, allowing to restore their integrity, is a sophisticated type of prosthesis and is not limited by age.