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Prosthetics without metal ceramics

Prosthetics metal-free ceramics – it is the most progressive method of restoring dentition. We offer our patients a material that is in appearance almost indistinguishable from natural tooth enamel and even reacts to light as well as natural teeth, slightly prosvechivayas under its influence. The crown is made taking into account all features of the patient’s teeth.

The unique technology allows the best way to solve the problem of aesthetics. Prosthetics metal-free ceramics, environmentally friendly and safe. Crowns contain no metal – this is one of the best decisions for the patient. High-quality metal-free ceramics, prosthetics based on it is done by experts who have extensive experience in prosthetics.

Today is a new type of prosthesis is the most popular and fully recreates the effect of natural teeth. We offer you one of the latest achievements of dentistry , which allows you to create a reliable, lightweight and aesthetic prosthesis, guaranteeing their long lifetime.