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Painless modern dental implants

Implantation is considered the most modern way to restore missing teeth. During operation carried implantation into bone tissue (lower / upper jaw) implant-bearing. The implant is made of titanium, which has a unique ability to bone healing. In addition to the root and the crown of the artificial tooth includes abutment-transition element responsible for their connection. This design is very convenient.

Tooth extraction entails changes in bone tissue. The nature of these changes is extremely negative. Before the implant procedure will be appointed, it will be held diagnostics, defined the general condition of the jaws and bite. Implantation is conducted at a point defects and complete loss of teeth. This operation, an apparatus artificial root on which a crown is secured. Especially it effectively hold a minimum distance after tooth extraction. This will enable the rapid recovery of the aesthetic and chewing function. Currently, the implantation is considered the norm in terms of solving the problem of restoring a comfortable way of life and a beautiful smile. In our clinic-stage implants with immediate loading.