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Dentistry in Poltava Dr. Aleshin - trusted dentistry

Now there are many places where you will be offered the widest range of dental services. But really, good dentistry Poltava is one that is trusted by an increasing number of people. Dentistry of Dr. Aleshin, this is the clinic where you will forever forget your fears about dental treatment!

The doctors of the clinic of Dr. Aleshin are convinced that a good dentist in Poltava is not only a qualified and experienced specialist, but also knows how to find the approach to each patient. Our specialists will treat any complexity as painlessly as possible so that you don’t feel anything - except for the pride that you decided on this, a huge relief and sincere thanks to the doctor.

The philosophy of the clinic is that the patient should be comfortable from the very beginning. From the moment he crossed the threshold of the clinic. In dentistry of Dr. Aleshin you will be met by an attentive and competent administrator who will give you a complete picture of the dentistry and services provided in this Poltava dentistry.


Modern high-level technology


Dental treatment is carried out best practices on modern equipment, using the best materials


The new white smile
in just 30 minutes!
Bleaching Premium Class The BEYOND The Polus , effective and safe!


Restoration of teeth using thin ceramic plates


Recovery dentition loss of one or more teeth


Modern technologies detect and correct dentition pathology, transforming smile at any age


The most modern way to restore lost teeth


We are responsible for the quality of treatment and provide warranty service

Dr. Aleshin Aleksey Vladimirovich holds consultations and answers to all your questions. In our clinic, you will never be offered what the patient does not need, because we value and respect our patients infinitely and do our best to build relationships on mutual understanding and absolute trust on both sides.

Regardless of the initial situation, the doctor will always offer each patient a rational plan for dental treatment, prosthetics, installation of veneers, braces, whitening or implantation of teeth, honestly informing him of all the advantages and disadvantages. No less important is the fact that we always inform our patients in advance about the cost of upcoming procedures, the schedule of their implementation, with your consent, we remind you of upcoming visits.

In dentistry, Dr. Aleshin uses advanced technologies, materials and equipment, which in combination with the author's methods, positive atmosphere and highly qualified doctors give excellent results in each case!

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday

9:00 - 20:00

Sunday is a day off

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Dr. Aleshin

Chief doctor of the clinic, dental surgeon, orthopedic surgeon of the highest category

What makes my working day a success?

  • Trust of patients
  • Harmonious relations in the team
  • The ability to be implemented in the favorite business
Стоматология доктора Алешина в Полтаве
Стоматология доктора Алешина в Полтаве